November Days off:
    We have off of school November 6th – November 10th.
    We also have a half day November 22nd for Thanksgiving break!
    Reading and Writing:
    We will be starting our Nonfiction Unit! We will begin studying nonfiction books and writing informational stories about a topic that your child is an expert on. In the past, some topics were swimming, dolphins, dogs, dance, soccer, rainbows, Minecraft, etc. Students are encouraged to select a topic that they feel confident and passionate about that is appropriate for school. 
    Letters were sent home to brainstorm 3 topics that your child is an "expert" on. A gallon size bag was also sent home so that students can bring in pictures, books, or any other materials they may find helpful to use during Writing. Please do not send in any items that do not fit in the bag or cannot be easily brought to school as studnets will store the bag in their desk.
    Math Fact Fluency:
    In Math, students are learning to build their fact strategies for addition and subtraction. The goal is for students to be able to have fact power and know facts in their head. A student has fact power when they know the sums of 1 digit numbers without stopping to figure them out. For example, if you ask your child was is 8+6 they should know the answer immediately!
    Help support your child at home: Visit the "Helpful Links" tab to the left and view the Math Resources I have provided.