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Reader's Workshop: We will be exploring and comprehending fiction stories. We will delve deeper into the meaning of the text, analyzing the different story elements.
Writer's Workshop: We are writing "Realistic Fiction" pieces.  In this unit, students will learn how to create a character and write a story using all the story elements.    
Fundations: In unit 9, students will be introduced to the concept of closed syllables, which are words or word parts with only one vowel followed by one or more consonants.  
In unit 10 the students will be reading and spelling words with up to 5 sounds and adding the suffix "s" to words with 5 sounds.   We will also be adding the suffixes "ed" and "ing" to unchanging basewords with closed syllables.    
Math: In unit 6, students will learn how to use double facts to solve near double facts.  The students will continue using base-10 blocks to read and build different numbers.  We will be using various strategies and tools to solve 2 digit numbers problems and we will learn to "fill" name collection boxes.  
Science: We will become "biologists" in our new unit as we study organisms like plants and animals! We will learn that organisms have basic needs, that they grow and change, and move on their own.
Social Studies: In our third unit, we will learn about the qualities of a good citizen.  We will think about how we can be the best citizens in school, at home and in our communities. 
Health: We will learn how to take proper care of our teeth.

NAME: Mrs. Kowal

SCHOOL: Frost Elementary School

CLASS: First Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: (732)613-6850

About The Teacher

  I am looking forward to another year teaching First Grade.  I have had 
extensive experience teaching Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade and 
Special Education as well. I find it very exciting and rewarding to have the 
opportunity to help students as they begin new adventures in learning.  It is 
an exciting time in the lives of the children and I feel very lucky to be 
able to play such an important role in their academic careers. 
  Please contact me if you have any concerns, questions or information which 
you feel may assist me in helping your child.  My email address is:

Mission For The Class

~Be the best you can be!
~Never give up!
~Believe in yourself - If you think you can -You can!
~Look at the glass "Half Full"
~Don't be afraid to make mistakes ~Mistakes help us to learn
~Ask questions
~Read - Read - Read 
~The more you read the smarter you get
~Treat others the way you want to be treated
~Find your SUPERPOWER and use it to be the best you can be!

Frost School Theme~
Make a Difference ~ Be a Hero!
About The Teacher