Soaring to New Heights in Room 13!


    Reading: Becoming Experts – Reading Nonfiction

    The unit ahead is divided into three bends. Bend 1 focuses students’ attention on growing knowledge as they pay attention to details, put parts of text together, and question texts. Bend 2 works to tackle both the tricky word work and vocabulary development students need to navigate nonfiction reading. Bend 3 sets readers up to grow knowledge across texts as they read topic sets of texts, comparing, contrasting, and connecting information across texts and text sets and doing the vocabulary work that accompanies nonfiction reading.


    Writing: Lessons for the Masters: Improving Narrative Writing

    In the first bend, children will be collecting ideas, developing a story, and elaborating. In bend two, students look more closely at and inquire into the craft of mentor authors. They look at literature as a writer and try to emulate the craft of master writers. In the final bend, they move through the writing process with even more independence and revise and edit intentionally. 


    Math: Unit 2 – Fact Strategies

    In this unit, students will review addition facts and their related subtraction facts, and develop the sense of a fact family. Students will be exposed to all of the different strategies to help them solve addition and subtraction basic facts, but by the end of grade 2 students will be expected to know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers. They will learn the doubles facts, combinations of 10, odd and even numbers, Name Collection Box, and the turn around rule.  Children are encouraged to explain their thinking as they use helper facts to solve unknown facts.  Students will be solving addition number stories.


    Social Studies: Unit 1 – Our Community

    In this unit, we will be learning all about communities.  We will be discussing and identifying the different types of communities (urban, rural, and suburban).  Students will be learning how people help each other and follow rules within a community.  In addition, we will be discussing how transportation and communication have changed over time.


    Science – Solids & Liquids

    In this unit, students will be exploring different solids, liquids, and small solids in various settings.  Students will be using properties to describe, identify, sort, and compare and contrast the materials.   By the end of this unit, students will be able to differentiate between solids and liquids.   


    Health: Respect Week and School Violence Prevention Week

    In accordance with state and district requirements we will be involved in many character education activities this month.   Students will participate in Spirit Days and buddy activities. The three essential lessons of respect will provide a framework for our actions.  We will take the Anti-Bully pledge.  The morning announcements will challenge the students to think and act in a respectful way.  Many of our class meetings will center on respect.