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Special Announcement:
Our class earned our next teamwork celebration! The students voted on PJ day and electronic time. Should you give your child permission, he/she may bring in an electronic device or a game to play during our class celebration, tomorrow, May 5th.  Thank you for your support!
Current Units of Study
Reader's Workshop: We have begun a new unit on poetry! We are learning that poems are read in different ways than other texts.  We are using things such as line breaks, descriptive words, and the mood of the poem to help us read with expression!
Writer's Workshop: We are also learning how to write poetry.  We will learn how to write acrostics, list poems, shape poems, haikus, cinquains and more!
Fundations: In unit 11, students will learn how to read and spell words that have the "vowel-consonant-e" pattern, such as: hope, note, pole, etc.
Math: In unit 7, students will study the various attributes of 2-dimensional shapes.  We will also explore "definining" and "non-defining" attributes. (Defining: ALWAYS TRUE about the shape- like the # of sides and corners; Non-defining: SOMETIMES TRUE- like color or size).
Science: We will become "biologists" in our new unit as we study organisms like plants and animals! We will learn that organisms have basic needs, that they grow and change, and move on their own.
Social Studies: In our third unit, we will learn about the qualities of a good citizen.  We will think about how we can be the best citizens in school, at home and in our communities. 
Health: We will learn about nutrition and about the importance of making healthy food choices.  
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