Robert Frost Elementary School

Make a Difference, Be a Hero!

Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

Welcome back to your final year at Frost as 5th graders! 
This year's theme is "Go for the Gold". 
I am so excited to help you become champions in all that you do, 
as well as help prepare you for your adventure ahead at Hammarskjold.
In The Classroom:

In Reading, we will be transitioning from Nonfiction Reading to Close Reading. We will be reading and rereading many short fiction texts using various lenses and perspectives. Students will uncover deeper meaning within these texts, namely through exploring their themes and symbols. 

In Writing, we will be strengthening our literary and comparative essay skills. Students will use the ideas they grow about texts in Reading and write about them at length, supporting their thoughts with details and direct quotations from the text. We will be working hard to push our thinking about how these ideas influence the characters, us and the world around us.
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