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Welcome to 2nd Grade!
6/7 All of our caterpillars have entered the Pupa stage! We're just days away from having butterflies!
6/2 Take a look at our table from the Innovation Expo last night! We had many visitors stop by to learn about how we use videos to enhance instruction in the classroom. Thanks to Sofia, Hakeem, Nidun, Aidan, Kevin, and Shlok for being great teachers!
5/22 Our last Scholastic catalogs are coming home today! Please have your orders in by next Thursday, June 1. Ordering books for the summer at your child's current reading level, or 1-2 levels above is a great way to get ready for 3rd grade!
5/4 Check out our Photo Gallery to the left for pictures from the class trip!
5/1 Reading BINGO!
A new reading log is being sent home for the month of May. There is also a friendly reminder on top that 2nd graders should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night. Now that students are reading longer stories and chapter books, it is essential that they have time to read both in school and at home. Students are able to swap books to get new ones as they need in the classroom, so they should have many new books to read.
4/26 Science
Check out our runways! As our balance and motion science unit comes to an end, runways give the children an opportunity to see how spheres travel on runways. They are able to change the height of the starting point to adjust the speed of the sphere! Students worked together as teams to try different pathways.
 3/21 Math Unit 6: Take a look at an example of using the partial sums strategy for addition, lesson 6.8. (No matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to rotate, my apologies!)
3/10 2nd grade is excited to announce that we will be going on a class trip to see the play Seussical! There is a link to the organization's website for some more information in the "Helpful Links" section on the left. This will be a half day trip, so student's will come back to school and have a late lunch in the classroom.
3/2 Reading Rocks and March Madness
Wow, March is off to a busy start! The kids are so excited to participate in these 2 programs. As a school, we are linking them together. So any minutes/books that a student reads toward their Reading Rocks pledge, can also count toward their March Madness reading log. Then their March Madness reading log will continue for the entire month. There will be reminders on the agenda each week for when the logs are due. Thanks and happy reading!
2/ 10 Thank you to everyone who donated to Coins for Cancer! A group of girls in our class were determined to raise money for cancer awareness and cancer treatment, and they did a fantastic job!
1/3: Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready to take on 2017! 
Unit 4 in math has touched on telling time and next comes base-10 blocks and measuring! The Everyday Math Online Tool Kit is a great place to find these tools and manipulatives to practice and play at home! It is the green icon on the website. If you need your child's login or password, please don't hesitate to ask me.
12/8: This week the students were able to use Chromebooks for the first time in school! They used "student-friendly" search engines to do research for their All About writing books! Take a look....
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12/5: Writing Artifact
In Writer's Workshop, students have been writing All About books on a topic that interests them. This week we're asking that they bring in an artifact (or a special object) to foster their writing. For example, a student who is writing an all about book on soccer may want to bring in a soccer jersey, trophy, or even a soccer ball! They can then write a chapter about how this item is meaningful to them and teach us more about their topic! This artifact should be in school by Thursday (Dec. 8), and we will most likely keep it until next Monday.
12/2: Mrs. Enis (our Student Assistance Specialist) visited our class again today! She read "Oh No, George!" and the students focused on how George was a resilient character! Resilience is one of the stances that we are teaching to students this year to help them have a strong Mindset for Learning. The other stances we've covered are empathy, optimism, and persistence
11/29: Math: We are learning different subtraction strategies in math. Here is an example of the counting up strategy and the counting back strategy (Lesson 3.5).
11/18: Yesterday we had our second marble party of the school year! The kids voted for a pajama and stuffed animal day. They loved being able to read with their stuffed animals in the classroom and dance with them during our break time! This fun day was a great day to celebrate all of their hard work and respectful behavior so far! Keep it up room 121!
10/26 Halloween Update! The Halloween parade will be on Monday the 31st at 1:30. Our class party will be right after the parade (approx. 2:00-2:45). Please let me know if you would like to come join us for the party! I need to submit a list of names to the security desk of parents attending, so please send me a note or email if you're coming.
10/25 I look forward to meeting with everyone at conferences this week :)
10/19 Rocket Math Rocket Math is a program used to support student's fact fluency (memorizing and quickly recalling addition/subtraction facts). We introduced the activities in class this week, so you can expect to see "mad minutes" coming home soon. Although all of the work is done in school, after a "mad minute" is completed, it is sent home for extra practice. Ask your child how they do Rocket Math in school so that they can practice at home with you or independently! As their fact fluency becomes more automatic, you will see them moving through the A-Z levels for addition, followed by A-Z for subtraction. Multiplication and division facts will come next year in 3rd grade.
10/6 Math Homework Reminder: When a page from the math Home Links (HL) is due, it will be written on your child's agenda. HL 2.1 was due yesterday, and HL 2.2 is due tomorrow. Please have your child complete the page and rip it out of the journal to send to school in their Home/School folder. I will check their homework and send it back home. It is a good idea to keep all of these completed HLs together so you can refer to them for the unit assessments.
9/30: Reading BINGO October is the kick-off month for reading bingo! The class was very excited when it was introduced today. Just like the reading balloon log we used in September, you can keep it at home or in your child's school folder throughout the month. At the end of the month please send it to school. I also told the kids that parents can email/send in pictures of all their adventurous reading!
9/30: This week we filled up our marble jar for the first time! As a class, we earn marbles for being respectful, being hard workers, and being kind to one another. The class got to vote on how we should celebrate...and they voted for iPad time! Take a look....
9/23: Fundations Fundations "Home Support" packets will be sent home each unit. These packets can stay at home for extra practice, they do not have to be completed and returned to school. They are just an extra tool to support your child's reading, writing, and spelling skills!
9/20: Math Home Links journals will be sent home this week. However, our first HL homework will not be until Unit 2 (approximately October 5th). The journal will stay home for the entire school year. When a HL is due, it will be written on your child's agenda. Please have your child complete the page and rip it out of the journal to send to school in their Home/School folder. I will check their homework and send it back home. It is a good idea to keep all of these completed HLs together so you can refer to them for the unit assessments.