• My name is Joanne Ficke.  This is my 28th year in school nursing.  I
    received my Bachelor of Nursing from Rutgers University and my School
    Nurse Certification and Masters in Health Education from New Jersey City

    I am very happy to be at Bowne-Munro School for my tenth year.  Over the
    years, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of you and your
    children and it has been my pleasure.  I enjoy being a part of the East
    Brunswick school community.  I will continue to do my best to keep
    your children healthy and safe.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.
    Goals of School Nursing:

    Promote the optimal level of health for students and staff.

    Assist students to become increasingly responsible for their own health.

    Provide health education and health counseling for students, parents and

    Identify health problems and needs of students and make appropriate

    Provide direct health services as needed.

    Promote environmental health and safety within the school and during school
    related activities.

    Deliver a comprehensive program that conforms with state mandates.