• Introduction to Naviance

    What is Naviance?

    Naviance is a web-based college and career exploration tool available to all secondary students. You will be using this program throughout your East Brunswick School career. At Hammarskjold, all sixth grade students will be completing The Learning Style Inventory. The Learning Style Inventory will help you better understand your personal learning style and ways in which you learn best. All seventh grade students will be completing The Career Key. The Career Key will guide you to match your personality traits with potential future career paths.  As you move on to Churchill and the High School, you will continue using Naviance to complete additional tasks that will help you to better plan for your future. Naviance is a great tool for you and your school counselor to communicate about upcoming events and important school reminders.  Your school counselor may also assign you tasks to help you reach your academic goals. Please be sure to check your Naviance account regularly.


    How to access Naviance:

    • Go to: www.naviance .com
      • Click on “Sign In”
      • Click on “Students & Families”
    • Type in East Brunswick zip code (08816)
    • Select school
    • Log in to Family Connection
      • User ID is your child’s school email address without @ebnet.org  and with any number that may follow which appears in student’s school email address (e.g., jsmith or jsmith2)
      • Password is your child’s Student ID number (if ID number is five digits, place a “0” before or after the ID number) 

    How Naviance is Implemented to Support Students’ College and Career Readiness:

    Counselors push into students' health classes at the 8th and 9th grade levels.

    7th Grade

            * Students will explore careers using the Naviance features below*


    8th Grade 

              * Students will explore careers using the Naviance features below*

    "Self Discovery" Tab:

    • Career Key (exploration of career interests)
    • Personality Assessment (discovers personality traits that can link to career paths)

    "Careers" Tab:

    • Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive (view video interviews for possible career paths)  


    9th Grade 

             * Students will plan for their future using the Naviance features below *
    "Careers" Tab:
    • Career Cluster Finder
    "About Me" Tab (Student Initials next to "Log Out"):
    • Resume Creator