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  • Band Day Trip - Jan. 30, 2019
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    Welcome, Band Parents!
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    Be Part of the Band! 
    ANYONE can learn to play ANY instrument! Watch this video to learn about the instruments in the band.

    5th Grade Parents
    • After Ms. Nichols sends home your child's instrument recommendation, visit the Online Enrollment page or send in the paper enrollment form to get your child started! Please see the FAQ if you need help.
    • Once your child is enrolled, please check the Student Supply List to be sure your child has everything they need to succeed.
    • Contact Ms. Nichols for recommendations if you'd like your child to have a head start with private lessons.
    4th Grade Parents
    • Don't wait until 5th grade to get your child started! Contact Ms. Nichols about how to enroll your child in private lessons and give them a head start.
    Keep your child playing!
    Congratulations to the students who represented East Brunswick at the CJMEA Elementary Honors Band on Saturday, April 29th. These students practiced extra to learn and perform some challenging music on the regional level. Bravo!
    • Ava Cassotis, Trumpet, Central School
    • Brandon Kim, Clarinet, Irwin School
    • George Lozbin, Euphonium, Frost School
    • Maria Mueller, Clarinet, Warnsdorfer School
    Class Calendar
    Dates are coming soon to the Class Calendar! There will be one AM rehearsal per school in January. Weekly AM rehearsals will begin in late February or early March. Spring concerts and the Elementary Band Showcase (plus one PM rehearsal) take place in May. These events are mandatory for all Band students.
    How can I support my child?
    The Music Parents' Guide by Anthony Mazzocchi is full of great information for parents of young musicians.