• naviance

    What is Naviance?
    Naviance is a web-based college and career exploration tool available to all secondary students. You will be using this program throughout your East Brunswick School career. Naviance is a great tool for you and your school counselor to communicate about upcoming events and important school reminders.  Your school counselor may also assign you tasks to help you reach your academic goals. Please be sure to check your Naviance account regularly.

    Naviance Interactive How To Video

     How to access Naviance:

    • Go to: www.naviance.com
      • Click on “Sign In”
      • Click on “Students & Families”
    • Type in East Brunswick zip code (08816)
    • Select school
    • Log in to Family Connection
      • User ID is your child’s school email address without @ebnet.org  and with any number that may follow which appears in student’s school email address (e.g., jsmith or jsmith2)
      • Password is your child’s Student ID number (if ID number is five digits, place a “0” before or after the ID number

    High School -10th Grade (counselors meet with students for Sophomore interview)

    • About Me tab: My Assessments (complete 2-3 assessments for career for possible career path) & Interesting Things About Me (Resume - continuation from 9th grade)
    • College tab: Supermatch College search; College Match, College Compare

    High School -11th Grade (counselors meet with students for Junior interview)

    • Careers tab:
    • What Are My Interests? - Cluster Finder & Career Interest Profiler
    • Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive - view videos for possible career paths
    • College tab: Supermatch College Search (add about 10 colleges to “College I’m Thinking About”(Colleges should be identified as 2 safety schools, 5-6 target, 1-2 reach))

    High School - 12th Grade (counselors meet with students for Senior interview)

    • College tab: My Colleges
    • Upcoming College Visits - review  and sign up for College representative visits
    • Colleges I’m Thinking About - finalize list of colleges; identify safety, target and reach schools
    • Colleges I’m Applying To - move colleges from previous list to a final list of schools which will receive student applications
    • Letters of Recommendations - request two EBHS teachers for college applications

    Transcript Release Form ~ ALL PARENTS of SENIORS must sign (this is permission for the EBHS to release the students transcripts to colleges, etc).

    College Visits - To sign up for a college visit, a student must:

    Sign into Family Connection.
    Go to the Colleges tab.
    Click View All Upcoming Visits.
    Click Sign Up to sign up.
    Click the Sign Me Up button.

    When students sign up for a visit their names will appear on the registration list when you view the details about the visit in Naviance. Many schools print this list and ask students to initial next to their names when they arrive at the meeting with the college representative."

    Senior Exit Survey
    In order to provide essential data for the post-secondary planning process for future EBHS students, all seniors are required to complete a Senior Exit Survey. It is imperative that this survey be completed as honestly as possible to ensure data accuracy. The information collected on the Senior Exit Survey provides their counselor with the necessary information to send final transcripts to their prospective college.  This survey can be found in each senior’s Naviance account listed as Graduation Survey under the About Me tab. The Class of 2019 survey will be available in May.