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    All registrations and payments are conducted online. In order to register for a program, go to www.ebnet.org/registrationandpayment and select “Community Programs Before and After Care/Early Learning Academy 2017-2018.” An annual $50 non-refundable registration fee and the first month’s tuition are due at the time of registration.  (Please note that the registration fee is $25 if your child is registered before June 1, 2017.)  When registering for ASK/Encore, parents may choose a 3-day or 5-day option; if the 3-day option is chosen, parents must specify the days the child will attend in advance.  No substitution of days will be permitted.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding registration, please contact the Financial Services office at (732) 613-6674.


    Please see the table below for important registration dates.


    EMP/ASK Programs

    Date Registration Received By:

    Child’s Program Start Date:

    August 16

    September 6 (first day of school)

    August 17 – September 6

    September 13

    September 7 – September 22

    Five business days after registration is received

    After September 22

    Two business day wait period after registration is received



    Fees Fees

    Fees are due on the 15th of the month prior to service (i.e. October tuition is due September 15) and will be billed through the online system. A late fee of $20 per month will be assessed if payment is received after the due date. If the June payment is not received by May 15, students will be unable to attend in June. A fee of $20 will be charged and is due in money order form for each returned check. If payment is overdue for three months, the student will no longer be able to attend, and legal action may be taken. Should you need to suspend the program and re-enroll during the year, a fee of $20 will be charged for each re-enrollment. If it is necessary to make a program change (i.e. change from a 5-day to 3-day), there will be a $40 fee charged beginning with the second change. Children with outstanding fees from previous years will not be permitted to register until the balance is paid in full.

    Should withdrawal from either or both programs be necessary, 30 days notice in writing to the Financial Services office is required by email to ebonlinepayments@ebnet.org or fax (732) 698-9624 Failure to provide this notice will result in being charged for the next month.

    If your child qualifies for free/reduced lunch, contact the Financial Services office to obtain information regarding a discount.
    Discounts are also available to families with more than one child enrolled in the Encore, EMA and ASK programs.

    Request for information or completion of forms related to Cafeteria Plans/Dependent Care Reimbursement can be sent by fax to (732) 698-9624 for verification and authorization. Handwritten requests will not be honored.



    If your child attends school during the day but will not be attending ASK or Encore on a regularly scheduled day, call the school site phone number. In addition to calling the site, remember to send a note with your child to bring to the office indicating that your child is to go home.


    Students participating in all academies are expected to adhere to their school’s discipline policy. Should a student’s behavior be inconsistent with the policy of his/her school, the Supervisor of Community programs will consult with site staff, school administration and student’s parents/guardians.

    Students with extensive/and or dangerous disciplinary issues will be subject to suspension or termination from the program. In the event of high risk (dangerous to self, other participants, and/or staff) or defiant behavior, the student’s parents will be called immediately and the student will be removed from the site.

    Possible grounds for removal:

    • Misbehavior by child

    • Continuous pick up after the 6 PM time limit (ASK and Encore)

    • Failure to make monthly payments on time

    inclement weather     When schools are closed, all Extended Learning Programs are closed. 

    Delayed opening:

    • EMP begins at 9 AM

    • AM Start begins at at 8:50 AM 

    Early Dismissal:

    In the event of an early dismissal, the regular ASK/Encore programs will be closed. Limited staff will be on site though for those who come to pick up their children after dismissal. Parents/Guardians are asked to pick up their students as close to the 1:45 dismissal time as possible.


    Emergency Evacuation: 

    If an emergency occurs and the school building is evacuated while your child is already at an Extended Care Academy, your child will be transported to an alternate, secure site and parents will be called.


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