Parents &  Students please find your appropriate class tab to find resources to help you be successful in your math course!  To stay in the loop please check your class webpage and sign up for remind101 (see helpful resources link).  I look forward to an excellent school year!
    Teacher Schedule
    Period 1- Geo w/ Trig Honors (8th & 9th)
    Period 3- Geo w/ Trig Honors (8th & 9th)
    Period 4- Geo w/ Trig Honors (8th & 9th)
    Period 5/6- Algebra (pushing into Mr. Dunn's class)
    Period 10/11- Algebra (pushing into Mrs. Mulligan's & Mr. Daly's classes)
    About Me...
    I graduated from Kean University with my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics Secondary Education.  Recently I have received my Master's degree in Education with a focus on Instructional Strategies.  I firmly believe that both degrees have pushed me to become an innovative and diverse teacher.  I have been teaching at Churchill for five years.  My love of math started at a very young age.  In fact, I've saved every single math notebook since 7th grade!  Aside from math my other passion is CATS.  I have four fur babies that I have rescued and raised since they were 4 weeks old.