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Month At A Glance


  • Special Mother's Day Projects\
  • Earth Day songs, books, projects and celebrations
  • Science-Learning what metamorphosis means first hand by watching ladybug larvae turn into ladybugs
  • Learning new math games
  • To practice all of the skills we learned all year
  • Learning to count beyond 100
  • Learning how to read and make maps
  • Celebrating our published "How To Books"
  • During Reader's Workshop, we're having a blast learning about poetry.  Later this month, we will be acting out our reading with our Reader's Theater groups.
  • As writers, we are POETS and now we KNOW IT!  We are continuing to explore different types of poetry and then are trying out various strategies on our own.
  • In Math, the first graders are exploring shapes.  We are learning about polygons and dividing into equal shares.  We made our own polygons out of play dough!
  • During Social Studies, we are beginning a new unit about the jobs that people have.  We'll find out about why people work and about our needs and wants.
  •  Students will be finishing their Opinion Letters about Books.
  • Our class will be receiving live caterpillars and students will be studying the Life Cycle of Butterflies!!
  • Students are learning about Our Government in Social Studies.
  •  Studying about Jamestown and how they relate to Native Americans
  •  Reading nonfiction and using sign posts to stop and think
  •  Writing literary essays
  • Math - Apply their knowledge of fractions, number concepts, patterns and geometry to different real-world scenarios.
  • Science - The solar system, ordering the planets, moon phases and learning the differences between solar and lunar eclipse
  • Social Studies - Civil war
  • Reading - Starting Historical fiction
  • Writing - Starting Historical fiction 
  •  In Math, students are working on Unit 7.  Students will also begin to gear up for the end of the Year Math Test that will happen in the beginning of June.
  • In Science, students are working on their Levers and Pulleys unit.  They are doing experiments to learn more about these simple machines.  Students will also start making their rockets to get ready for launch in June.
  • In Health, students are working on activities that will  help develop their social and emotional skills.  Students are role playing and acting our various situations which depict appropriate ways to deal with these issues.
  •  The students will identify different Social issues in their novels.  Students will recognize how different characters react and deal with similar issues differently or similarly.  Students will also identify the perspectives that characters have on social issues.
  • The students will craft a memoir using all strong writing traits.  Students will learn the characteristics of memoir, and apply these characteristics to their own memoirs.
  •  The students will summarize the events that led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence.  Describe the main ideas of the Declaration of Independence, the roles of the Colonial Figures in the War for Independence, and the results and strategies in the major battles of the American Revolution.
  • Writing "How to Books"
  • Learning about our neighborhood and the community helpers in our neighborhood
  • Learning how to make smart guess estimates in math
  • Learning how to use and read non-fiction books
  • Learning how to conduct a survey, gather data and make a graph using the information from the survey (math)
  • In Math, the First Graders will explore 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.  They additionally will explore symmetry by drawing and creating their own symmetrical designs.
  • During Social Studies, the First Graders are being exposed to all different types of U.S. symbols.  We will find out about our country's flag, the bald eagle, the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell.
  • During Reader's Workshop, we are finishing up our character unit. We will be diving into a new unit on poetry.  We will learn to focus on the clues that a poet gives a reader, including repetition, rhyme, varied punctuation and line breaks.
  • Students will be using place value to add 2-digit numbers with more than 2 addends.
  • Students are studying the 7 continents in Social Studies.
  • Students are reading longer chapter books and becoming more aware of how authors write.
  • Studying about Native American tribes and how they differ from each other
  • Reading nonfiction and using sign posts to stop and think
  • Writing opinion pieces in 5 paragraph format
  • Math - Formalize their understanding of multiplying a fraction by a whole number and use this knowledge to solve problems in real-world scenarios
  • Science - Solar system, ordering the planets
  • Social Studies - Growth and change of New Jersey
  • Reading - Social issues book clubs
  • Writing - Realistic fiction
  • In Math, students are finishing up Unit 6 and will begin Unit 7.  In Unit 7, students will learn two methods for multiplying mixed numbers.  They will use these methods to find the areas of rectangles with fractional side lengths and to solve problems involving fractional data in line plots.  Students will also review attributes of 2-dimensional figures and classify shapes in a hierarchy based on properties.
  • In Science, students are working on various parts of their science fair projects and will be starting the Levers and Pulleys unit shortly.
  • In Health, students are working on activities that will help develop their social and emotional skills.  Students are role playing and acting out various situations which depict appropriate ways to deal with these issues.
  • Reading and Writing:  Students have been working hard all year to master Fifth Grade Common Core Standards.  Students will be able to analyze fiction and nonfiction reading passages, and write essays and stories for the PARCC this month.  They will be putting their brains to the test!
  • Social Studies:  Students will be researching a variety of topics for the American Revolution to create an informational article.  Students will be able to determine whether a website has reliable or unreliable information to aid them in their research.