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Month At A Glance




    • Continue to build our sight word rings with new words that we can read
    • Looking for and reading those sight words in our new books that we go shopping for on every Monday!
    • Getting our very own special "Bag of Books" to  hold our Independent Books that we will read at school and at home
    • Learning to write stories using pictures, labels and words.  Organizing our writing in our brand new writing folders and using our writing folders as "writing" offices.
    • Learning how to write personal narratives across three pages
    • Learning how to describe and explain all that we know about shapes using words like vertices, straight lines, curvy lines, points, long lines and short lines
    • Visiting our adopted tree and recording new information in our science journals
    • Learning about how trees tell us about the different seasons
    • In Social Studies we are learning all about us and what makes each one of us special
    • Getting reading partners and special reading spots
    • Using ten frames and other tools in math to help us solve word problems
    • Getting ready to learn about the first Thanksgiving!


    • During Reader's Workshop we are learning strategies for figuring out tricky words.
    • We are continuing to become number experts in math by learning about different counting stragegies.  We can use number lines and number grids to help us count.  We are getting really good at using 10 frames.
    • In Social Studies, we explored the past by looking at clothes, transportation, and appliances from long ago.  Later this month, we will learn about Geography.
    • During Writer's Workshop, we are beginning the Opinion Unit.  This month, we will write all about our opinions!
    • The meteorologist in first grade are experimenting with rain, puddles, and rain gauges during Science.


    • Students are starting to learn about Our Past in Social Studies!
    • Students are learning to read and navigate through nonfiction texts in Reader's Workshop
    • We are writing Informational books in Writer's Workshop!


    • Starting a Positive Message board in the hallway
    • Build circuits in Science
    • Writing about a topic we are "experts" in


    • ILA instruction focuses on reading biographies and writing personal essays.
    • In Social Studies students will explore the regions and resources of New Jersey
    • In Math, our students will be having their first cumulative test.  Every even unit has one day of testing that revisits skills from all units up to and including the current unit of study.  With all the days off this month we will wrap up Unit 2 and move into Unit 3. In this unit, students explore fraction equivalence and compare and order fractions using different representations.  They then extend their understanding of fracti9ons to decimal, comparing and ordering decimals using the same methods as for comparing fractions.
    • In Science, students have been observing animal habitats and will now compare the African Dwarf Frog, Fiddler Crab, and Millipede habitats.  In addition, we will begin to engage in mini experiments with our animals. Looking forward to some interesting findings!


    • In math, students will complete the Unit 2 Assessment and Cumulative Assessment in the upcoming weeks.  In Unit 3, students will continue to explore and strengthen fraction concepts.  They will also solve fair share number stories and review how to place fractions on a number line.  In the second half of the unit, students explore strategies for adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.
    • In Science, students will begin to work on a unit called trashpower.  Students will learn about the problems our community, country and world face regarding the disposal of solid waste.  Students will also be introduced to information for the science fair.
    • In health, students have begun to work on activities that will help develop their social and emotional skills.  This includes making friends, managing emotions, and solving problems.
    • ILA:  Students will begin analyzing the nonfiction reading genre.  Students will identify technical vocabulary and recall how to summarize nonfiction text.  Students will also begin writing Research and Argumentative essays in writing
    • Social Studies:  Students will compare and contrast life in the New England, Southern and Middle Colonies.  Students will perform a skit titled, "Good Morning New England," to express what life was like in colonial times.



































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