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2018 PARCC Info

  • Parcc East Brunswick Public Schools was very pleased with the results of the PARCC Assessment last year. Over 5800 of our students participated in this State-required Annual Assessment in grades 3 through 11. The PARCC Assessment results provide your child’s classroom teacher with instructional guidance in English Language Arts and Mathematics. In addition, the Parent Reports provide important information concerning your child’s academic progress. We believe that the value of these assessments warrants the approximately 1% of instructional time devoted to testing.

    The New Jersey State Board of Education approved new PARCC and graduation requirements.  The new regulations will affect the graduating classes of 2018 through 2021 and beyond. 

    2018 PARCC Parent Letter for Students in Grades 3-5

    See the full District Assessment Schedule (.PDF)

     NJDOE PARCC Resources for Parents

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Month At A Glance

  • MAY


    • Writing "How to" stories so readers can learn all about the things we are experts in!
    • Learning about Maps, how to read them and how to design a map of our own
    • Continuing to observe our adopted tree and noticing signs of spring
    • Applying all those great skills we have been learning in math all year to solve "math stories" and other math problems
    • Working on special Mother's Day Projects
    • Reading Aloud Chapter books to discuss story elements like character, setting, problem and solution!
    • Discovering metamorphosis by studying Ladybug Larvae and recording all of the changes like a scientist would
    • Ladybug release celebration
    • Watching live feed from an Eagle's nest waiting for the eggs to hatch!


    • During Reader's Workshop, we're having a blast learning about poetry. Later this month, we will be acting out our reading with our Reader's Theater groups.
    • As writers, we are finishing up our Realistic Fiction unit.  Soon, we will become POETS! We will explore and write all different types of poetry.
    • In Math, the first graders are exploring shapes. We will learn about polygons and dividng into equal shares. We will make our own polygons out of playdough!
    • During Social Studies, we are beginning a new unit about the jobs that people have. We'll find out about why people work and about our needs and wants.


    • Reading: Our new unit is called "Series Books Clubs - Looking at Character Change and Analysis". We are reading different books within a series and comparing and contrasting the characters, problems, settings, and solutions. Second graders love series books, and we are bringing our reading up a notch. Now that we are reading longer books, we are focusing on higher level thinking questions.
    • Writing: We are writing opinion pieces on a favorite book. We are learning how to state our opinion and then suport it with reasons and examples. We are learning how to elaborate and add in strong words tomake our writing more interesting. Soon, we will publish one of ouor favorite pieces.
    • Math: We are wrapping up Unit 8 on Geometry and Arrays. Students have enjoyed playing Shape Capture and Array Concentration. We will soon begin Unit 9 called Equal Shares and Whole Number Operations. We will begin identifying fractional concepts. We will look at equal shares and equal parts. Another big concept we will learn is subtraction of multi-digit numbers using the Expand and Trade Strategy.
    • Social Studies: We are almost finished with "All About Earth". Students have learned so much about our earth in this unit. This will take us to our final unit on Government. We will be learning about the three levels of government: Local, State and Country. We will learn about the major roles of the mayor, governor and president. We will take a virtual tour of Washington, D.C.
    • Health: In health, we are learning about the systems of the body. We are completing diagrams on the major organs of the body and learning what they do. We are also learning how to keep our bodies healthy.


    • Writing fairy tales
    • PARCC
    • Learning about Jamestown


    • Math - Apply their knowledge of fractions, number concepts, patterns and geometry to different real-world scenarious.
    • Science - Visiting our Starlab. Focus shifting from the stars and constellations to the solar system, ordering the planets, moom phases and learning the differences between solar and lunar eclipse.
    • Social Studies - NJ role in the Civil War
    • Reading - Starting Historical fiction
    • Writing - Starting Historical fiction


    • In Math, students are working on Unit 7. Students will also begin to gear up for the end of the Year Math test that will happen in the beginning of June.
    • In Science, students are working on their Levers and Pulleys unit. They are doing experiments to learn more about these simple machines. Students will also start making their rockets to get ready for launch in June.
    • In Health, students are working on activities that will help develop their social and emotional skills. Students are role playing and acting out various situations which depict appropriate ways to deal with these issues.
    • Reading: The students will identify different Social Issues in their novels. Students will recognize how different characters react and deal with similar issues differently or similarly. Students will also identify the perspectives that characters have on social issues.
    • Writing: The students will craft a memoir using all strong writing traits. Students will learn the characteristics of memoir and apply these characteristics to their own memoirs.
    • Social Studies: The students will summarize the events that led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Describe the main ideas of the Declaration of Independence, the roles of the Colonial Figures in the War for Independence, and the results and strategies in the major battles of the American Revolution.


















































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