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    • Publishing our Pattern Books so they can be added to our class library for our friends to read!
    • Learning about our neighborhood and the community helpers in our neighborhood.
    • Observing our adopted tree and noticing signs for changes.
    • Predicting whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow and be able to tell what kind of weather we were having if he did.
    • Designing Valentine projects and gifts for our family and friends.
    • Discovering what is needed to make a shadow and how you can make shadows taller, shorter or even disappear.
    • Learning how to make smart guess estimates in math.
    • Reading Snowmen at Night and then creating our own snowmen and writing stories telling what our snowmen do at night!
    • Learning many new "tricky word" strategies to help us become stronger independent readers!
    • Playing new math games like Addition Train and Subtractions Train 
    • Making "Tricky Teens" using two ten frames.


    • First graders will be finding out about presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Each student will complete a short report that will be shared during Social Studies during the week of Presiden's Day.
    • During Science, first graders will continue to prepare terrariiums and aquariums in ordr to study organisms that live on land and in water.  They will observe living things in order to find out what they need to survive.
    • This month we will be 100 days smarter as we celebrate our 100th day of first grade!!  Children will complete 100the day activities!
    • In Writer's Workshop, we ae really strong at writing information books.  We are writing about topics we are experts in and sharing them with our partners.


    • Students will be starting to experiment with balance in our new Science unit!
    • Students are finishing up their Realistic Fiction stories in Writer's Workshop!
    • Students are learning about Work in Social Studies!


    • Writing short stories to match our reading.
    • Reading closely with fables and fairy tales
    • Exploring soil from around the Earth


    • Math - Explore the whole in fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  They are also introduced to adding tenths and hundredths.
    • Science - Continue Motion and Design by using a sail and propeller we are testing the effects of motion using the standard vehicle.
    • Reading and Writing - In reading students are finishing poetry and moving into nonfiction reading.  In writing students are publishing literary essays and will be beginning to study informational writing.


    • In Math, students are beginning to work on Unit 5.  Students will do more exploration with adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  Students will also develop strategies to multiply fractions by whole numbers.  In addition, students will develop a fraction multiplication algorithm and be introduced to fraction division.
    • In Science, students are beginnng to think about ideas for the science fair.  Students are deciding on a topic and question they want to explore.  Students will also be starting a new unit of study called ecosystems.
    • In Health, students are learning about the stages of growth and development, the endocrine system, and spending time learning more about adolescence.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Class Living Time Line:  Students will create a time line of three different causes of the American Revolution.  Each group will research a different cause of the Revolution, create a picture for the event, and a skit about their event.

    READING - Students will investigate the special role of setting in their historical fiction novels to inform their understanding of the story.

    WRITING - Students will create historical fiction stories of a time in history.  Students will be exposed to many different historical happenings during the Revolutionay War era.











































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