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Month At A Glance


    • Learning classroom routines and getting to know our classmates and teachers
    • Reading lots of fun books with interesting character like: Pete the Cat, Piggy and Elephant and the Pigeon who wanted to drive the bus and David from No David to name a few!!!
    • Making graphs that show our birthdays, and graphs that tell how many boys and girls are in our class and tell how old we are!!
    • Writing/drawing pictures about things that have happened in our lives (personal narratives)
    • Starting our Fundations program with Echo and Baby Echo!
    • Star Students where children learn to use letter clues to figure out the new star student for each day!
    • Learning what strong readers do during reader's workshop and how strong writers draw, tell and write stories during writer's workshop!
    • The first graders are starting off their first grade year with great read aloud stories.  We read fun stories like First Day Jitters, The Kissing Hand, and Chrysanthemum.  During Readers's Workshop, we are learning what strong readers do in first grade.
    • We are becoming number experts in math by learning about different counting strategies.  We have learned many fun games to help us count.
    • On Constitution Day, we will learn about the Constitution during Social Studies.  We will read the Constitution and we will make our own Constitution.  Come down to first grade and check it out!
    • During Writer's Workshop, we are working on Small Moment stories.  We are so excited to write stories abot our lives.  We are learning fun strategies to help us write tricky words.
    • In Science, we are learning all about the weather.  We took a trip outside to observe the weather using our senses.
    • Setting up rules and routines for our classroom.  We are discussing how Chittick Champions can S.O.A.R. in our school!!
    • We are learning and reviewing reading strategies when coming to tricky words.
    • Students started to explore solids in Science


    • Creating a classroom community with "SOARing" goals
    • Begin to investigate magnetism
    • Reading all about characters


    • Fourth graders are excited to be studying animals in science this year.  They have researched environments for the African Dwarf Frog, Fiddler Crab, and Millipede.  Working in small groups students designed proposals for how to create the perfect environment for these animals in our classrooms.
    • We have kicked off math with a visit back to place value and comparing numbers.  The start of the year is always full of learning where materials are for games, getting use to routines and of course going online.  We encourage parents to use the ConnectED site to view videos and also to print any pages such as Home Links.
    • Reading and writing classes have launched with units to get to know expectations and each other.  In writing, students are in the narrative unit writing stories about themselves.  In reading, students are building stamina and beginning book clubs.  Teachers have started off the year with a  favorite read aloud, Tiger Rising.
    • Reading maps and learning about the geography of our wonderful state are just some of the activities you will find fourth graders engaged in this month.
    • In math, students are reviewing how to interpret parentheses in mathematical expressions and they are reviewing area and developing strategies for finding the area of rectangles.  Students are also exploring the concept of volume and measuring how much a container can hold.
    • In science, students are beginning to work on a unit called Microworlds.  Students have been learning how to make careful observations and how to support their answers by giving a claim, sharing evidence, and giving their reasoning for their claim.
    • In health, student are learning about the importance of  having a positive self-concept throughout the school year.
    • Reading:  Students will be able to analyze fiction texts utilizing Notice and Note signposts, and jumping into the shoes of their characters.
    • Writing:  Students will be able to activate personal narrative story ideas to help publish one small moment personal narrative.
    • Social Studies:  Students will be able to analyze travel routes to European explorers fromthe 1200s-1600s.  Students will participate in a panel titled, "Will the Real Explorer Please Stand Up," where they utilize facts about explorers to act as if they are explorer.





























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