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Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

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  • Press Release

    At its February 15, 2018 Meeting, the East Brunswick Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution to engage the East Brunswick Police Department to have armed police officers at all of its schools throughout the entire school day to insure the safety of our students and staff.   The armed police officers will supplement the District’s already existing staff of 71 security officers – all of who are retired police officers – to further enhance the security at all of East Brunswick Board of Education facilities throughout the school year.  It is the Board of Education and Superintendent’s commitment to take all necessary measures to insure that our students, staff and visitors remain safe and secure in our schools.   The Board of Education and the Superintendent wish to thank East Brunswick Township and the East Brunswick Police Department for its willingness work collaboratively with the District to provide armed police officers throughout the school year to enhance school security.


    This morning, a high school student was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat based on an on-line posting.  This on-line posting was brought to the attention of District staff by a parent and student at the beginning of the school day.  The offending student was immediately identified and escorted to the Main Office by a District Security Officer.  East Brunswick Police Officers questioned the student and then took him into custody and will be charging the student with making a terroristic threat.  The Board of Education and Superintendent thank the parent and student for reporting this very serious matter and also wish to thank the District’s Security Officers and the East Brunswick Police officers for their swift action to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  It is imperative that whenever anyone learns of a potential safety threat that they immediately notify the District and the East Brunswick Police Department.  As a community, we all have to remain vigilant and work together to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 


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  • Dr. V  

     A Message from Dr. Victor Valeski, Superintendent of Schools


    Welcome to East Brunswick Public Schools! 

    As we continue the 2017-18 school year, I find myself reflecting on what makes East Brunswick so unique.  First, our nationally recognized status, where each one of our 11 schools has earned a Blue Ribbon distinction, has provided the opportunity for us to attract and hire the most qualified individuals.  Second, because of those individuals we have created and sustained a culture where we believe anything is achievable.

    That is the foundation of our past success.  But like any dynamic organization, we must constantly assess our current status, determine the needs of our students and teaching staff and maintain a flexible and adaptable posture so we can continually optimize the education we deliver.

    Our e3b Equation defines our process for continuous improvement: 

    Leading through Innovation using the e3b Equation

    Examine our current condition.

    Explore opportunities to improve students’ experiences in academics,
    athletics and the arts or any element impacting the culture of our schools and offices.

    Engage all the appropriate stakeholders in a consensus decision for improvement.

    Benchmark the results with data using a pre-defined standard.

    As we look to the immediate and short term future, it is imperative that we continue to invest in people and the infrastructure that supports our teaching and learning environment.  We remain committed to embracing opportunities to enhance our students’ educational experience from the moment they enroll with us and fully prepare them for college or their career.  Our comprehensive curriculum, beginning at the elementary level, prepares students for the critical transition to middle school.  

    Our Junior High and High School provide the environments for critical thinking and problem solving.  Whether it is in a dual enrollment course offering college credit through Middlesex County College, taught by one of our expert teachers, a hybrid class that takes learning outside the confines of the traditional classroom, participation in our award winning arts electives or wearing the Green and White representing East Brunswick on one of our many championship athletic teams, our students have the ability to customize their learning and preparedness for what lies beyond their high school graduation.

    In East Brunswick Public Schools we challenge ourselves every day to meet the challenges of your child’s tomorrow.   



     Dr. Victor P. Valeski, Superintendent of Schools

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