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April is Autism Awareness Month

Autism Tree  


The East Brunswick School District comes together once again and embraces Autism New Jersey’s 2017 theme. “Autism Awareness...Growing Acceptance”. East Brunswick”s mission during the month of April and throughout the year is to join forces with schools, families, communities, organizations, local government, businesses, volunteers, and religious leaders to educate and raise awareness about autism.

  • Findings from New Jersey Autism Study (NJAS) that tracked children with ASD was released April 2016.  It was reported that in New Jersey 41 or 2.5% of 8 year-old children were identified with ASD.  This percentage is higher than the average percentage identified with ASD (1.5%) in all communities in the United States where Center for Disease Control (CDC) tracked ASD children in 2012.  

  •  NJAS’ latest findings can be used to encourage earlier identification of ASD. It has become very important for parents to take note of “red flags” that may indicate your child is at risk for an autism spectrum disorder.                                              

See full letter from Program Coordinator Mariann Zema for more information.


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