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  • Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday
  • Anxiously awaiting a special visit from the Leprechauns
  • Class trip to East Brunswick Public Library to get our own library cards 
  • The first graders will complete math fact families in shamrocks.  We'll then write our fact families and glue our pieces together using colors of the Irish flag.
  • We are learning how to write How-To Books during Writer's Workshop.  We are having lots of fun drawing and writing about each step.
  • During Science, the first graders continue to take care of different plant and animal organisms.  So far we have observed snails, guppies, land and water plants!  We are also observing for changes that are occurring in our student made terrariums and aquariums.
  • During Reader's Workshop, we are diving into our books to find out more about the characters.  We will learn to focus on how we learn from what they say, what they do, what they like and what they dislike.  We'll even pay attention to how our characters change.
  • Students will be writing their own lab reports in Writer's Workshop
  • Students are reading nonfiction books in research clubs.
  • Students are learning and exploring Motion in Science  
  • Studying about non profit organizations like Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity
  • Practicing strategies for multiplication
  • Reading myths and discussing the central message 
  • Math - Exploring the relationship between multiplication and division by developing a method for dividing whole numbers and solving division number stories.
  • Science - Seasonal Greek constellation and Solar System
  • Social Studies - Finishing the American Revolution and Exploring Early New Jersey as a state.
  • Reading - Close reading and notice and note strategies
  • Writing - Finishing informational writing 
  • In math, students are finishing up Unit 5 and will begin Unit 6.  In Unit 6, students will apply their understanding of place value to multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10.  They will also learn how line plots can be used to organize and analyze measurement data and explore a method of finding volumes of figures that are not rectangular prisms.  Students will also extend whole-number methods to multiply and divide decimals.
  • In science, students are working on building their terrariums and aquariums for the ecosystem unit.  Students are in the process of planting seeds and will begin introducing various organisms to both their terrariums and aquariums.
  • In health, students are continuing to spend time learning more about the changes that occur during puberty and adolescence.
      SOCIAL STUDIES - Students will study the American Revolution.  Students will compare and contrast the Patriots and Loyalists,
                                               and identify the major battles of the Revolution.
      READING  - Students will continue analyzing the historical fiction genre.  Students will interpret complex texts by studying the plot
                                                lines, symbolism and importance of the time period in their book club books and read aloud,  The Fighting
                                                Ground by Avi. 
      WRITING - Students will write informational essays on a cause or event of the American Revolution.  Students will learn to                                              compile research into an informative, well-structured information report.
  • Valentine's Day Crafts and Gifts for our families
  • Making predictions and learning all about the Groundhog
  • Writing Personal Narratives (true stories) from our lives
  • Learning all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
  • Celebrating Dental Health Month by reading books, making a graph showing how many children lost teeth
  • Learning many new ways to solve addition and subtraction stories and how to explain/show our thinking
  • Becoming scientists again - discovering and learning all about Shadows 
  • First Graders will be finding out about presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln during Social Studies.  Each student will complete a short report that will be shared during Social Studies during the week of President's Day.
  • During Science, first graders will begin to prepare terrariums and aquariums in order to study organisms that live on land and in water. They will observe living things in order to find out what they need to survive.
  • During Writer's Workshop, we are writing all about our opinions.  We are writing about restaurants, movies, and toys!
  • This month we will be 100 days smarter as we celebrate our 100th Day of First Grade!  
  • Students will be starting to experiment with balance in our new Science unit!
  • Students are finishing up their Realistic Fiction stories in Writer's Workshop!
  • Students are learning about Work in Social Studies! 
  •  Investigating electricity in science
  • Writing short stories about characters we read
  • Learning about the government and three branches 
  • Math - Explore the whole in fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  They are also introduced to adding tenths and hundredths.
  • Science - Introduction to Astronomy (Star Lab)
  • Reading and Writing - Finishing poetry and composing Informational Booklets 
  • In Math, students are beginning to work on Unit 5.  Students will do more exploration with adding and subtracting fractions and mixed number.  Students will also develop strategies to multiply fractions by whole numbers.  In addition, students will develop a fraction multiplication algorithm and be introduced to fraction division.
  • In Science, students are beginning to think about ideas for the science fair.  Students are deciding on a topic and question they want to explore.  Students will also be starting a new unit of study called ecosystems.
  • In Health, students are learning about the stages of growth and development, the endocrine system, and spending time learning more about adolescence.
  • Social Studies -- Class Living Time Line:  Students will create a time line of three different causes of the American Revolution. Each group will research a different cause of the Revolution, create a picture for the event, and a skit about their event.
  • Reading -- Students will investigate the special role of setting in their historical fiction novels to inform their understanding of the story.
  • Writing -- Students will create historical fiction stories of a time in history.  Students will be exposed to many different historical happenings during the Revolutionary War era.