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February 21, 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We are so pleased with the students’ effort and progress on the weekly PCR homework assignments. Our upcoming reading and writing units are as follows:  

Reading: Nonfiction Analysis of Short Texts

Writing: Literary Essays

Throughout the units, we will be zooming in on making a claim, finding text evidence to support the claim, and providing reasons to thoroughly explain our ideas. Since this directly stems from PCR, the students will not be completing individual PCR homework assignments during this unit.

We encourage students to continue to read each night, totaling at least 100 minutes per week. Please continue to have your child record his/her reading on the log. As they read, they should be completing stop & jots on post-its (to keep in their book). These stop & jots do not need to be brought to school.

Some ideas for stop & jots:  inferring, synthesizing, analyzing characters, deep thorough connections, questions, predictions, retelling, summarizing, reacting, and any other skill your child has learned in school.

We thank you for your continued support,

The Third Grade Teachers 
The expectations/guidelines for the PCR Homework have changed.
Please refer to your child's PCR folder for the new brainstorm sheet and new outline.
We did 2 PCR practice responses in class.
MG = 4 paragraph response including...claim/thesis with 2 ideas; 1 opening sentence, text evidence sentence, reasoning sentence; 2nd opening sentence, text evidence sentence,  reasoning sentence; conclusion paragraph
EG= all of MG plus another paragraph with a 3rd opening sentence, text evidence sentence, reasoning sentence, AND a thorough connection
Thank you for your continued support!