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Welcome to Ms. Servidio's Fourth Grade ILA and Social Studies Class!

Our Current Units of Study

Reading- Nonfiction Research Projects

This unit will build on all essential nonfiction comprehension reading skills along with adding new work that teaches students to compare and contrast texts, analyze their claims and argument, investigate authors’ points of view, critique and design their own independent analysis of urgent nonfiction research topics.  The students will pursue their learning journey in the company of fellow researchers in small research groups.  In addition, students will make connections across texts, draw conclusions, design their own informed opinions and apply newfound knowledge by creating instructional materials for peers.   

Writing- Informational Writing
Students will decide on a topic of personal expertise and begin imagining how a book about that subject might go. They will study mentor texts, try out a variety of tables of contents, and then plan the content of each chapter. They will learn to rehearse for their writing by “teaching” their topical orally, focusing on being organized and using an expert tone. As students begin drafting the chapters of their books, they will be shown how to try on several different organizational structures. The end result will be a detailed informational book on their topic of expertise!
Social Studies- A Growing State
In the 1800s, New Jersey grew and changed. Transportation improved dramatically, industries developed, and reformers tried to better people’s lives. The slavery issue led to the Civil War between the North and the South. New Jerseyans fought for the Union. After the war, our state saw new industries and inventions change American life forever.

Roads and waterways developed and improved, and railroads were built. Industries took root and grew.

Viewpoints on slavery caused division between slave holders and abolitionists in NJ and across the nation. After the war, NJ saw rapid growth of new industries and inventions. Immigrants flocked to NJ.

Some reminders:
  • My homeroom: wear sneakers to school for Gym on Thursdays and Fridays!
  • Electronic devices and trading cards are not allowed in class. Please do not bring them to school.
  • If your child will be leaving school other than his/her usual way, please send in a written note advising us of the change. Please include the date and a number where you can be reached during the day.
  • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: Snacks will no longer be allowed for birthday celebrations. We will sing to your son/daughter to recognize his/her birthday and, if you wish, you can send in small items such as pencils, bookmarks, etc. for the class. This is completely optional!
  • If your child will be handing out invitations in school, please make sure that EVERYONE in the class is invited. Invitations may not be handed out to only a few children in school.