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  • Writing "How to Books"
  • Learning about our neighborhood and the community helpers in our neighborhood
  • Learning how to make smart guess estimates in math
  • Learning how to use and read non-fiction books
  • Learning how to conduct a survey, gather data and make a graph using the information from the survey (math)
  • In Math, the First Graders will explore 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.  They additionally will explore symmetry by drawing and creating their own symmetrical designs.
  • During Social Studies, the First Graders are being exposed to all different types of U.S. symbols.  We will find out about our country's flag, the bald eagle, the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell.
  • During Reader's Workshop, we are finishing up our character unit. We will be diving into a new unit on poetry.  We will learn to focus on the clues that a poet gives a reader, including repetition, rhyme, varied punctuation and line breaks.
  • Students will be using place value to add 2-digit numbers with more than 2 addends.
  • Students are studying the 7 continents in Social Studies.
  • Students are reading longer chapter books and becoming more aware of how authors write.
  • Studying about Native American tribes and how they differ from each other
  • Reading nonfiction and using sign posts to stop and think
  • Writing opinion pieces in 5 paragraph format
  • Math - Formalize their understanding of multiplying a fraction by a whole number and use this knowledge to solve problems in real-world scenarios
  • Science - Solar system, ordering the planets
  • Social Studies - Growth and change of New Jersey
  • Reading - Social issues book clubs
  • Writing - Realistic fiction
  • In Math, students are finishing up Unit 6 and will begin Unit 7.  In Unit 7, students will learn two methods for multiplying mixed numbers.  They will use these methods to find the areas of rectangles with fractional side lengths and to solve problems involving fractional data in line plots.  Students will also review attributes of 2-dimensional figures and classify shapes in a hierarchy based on properties.
  • In Science, students are working on various parts of their science fair projects and will be starting the Levers and Pulleys unit shortly.
  • In Health, students are working on activities that will help develop their social and emotional skills.  Students are role playing and acting out various situations which depict appropriate ways to deal with these issues.
  • Reading and Writing:  Students have been working hard all year to master Fifth Grade Common Core Standards.  Students will be able to analyze fiction and nonfiction reading passages, and write essays and stories for the PARCC this month.  They will be putting their brains to the test!
  • Social Studies:  Students will be researching a variety of topics for the American Revolution to create an informational article.  Students will be able to determine whether a website has reliable or unreliable information to aid them in their research.
  • Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday
  • Anxiously awaiting a special visit from the Leprechauns
  • Class trip to East Brunswick Public Library to get our own library cards 
  • The first graders will complete math fact families in shamrocks.  We'll then write our fact families and glue our pieces together using colors of the Irish flag.
  • We are learning how to write How-To Books during Writer's Workshop.  We are having lots of fun drawing and writing about each step.
  • During Science, the first graders continue to take care of different plant and animal organisms.  So far we have observed snails, guppies, land and water plants!  We are also observing for changes that are occurring in our student made terrariums and aquariums.
  • During Reader's Workshop, we are diving into our books to find out more about the characters.  We will learn to focus on how we learn from what they say, what they do, what they like and what they dislike.  We'll even pay attention to how our characters change.
  • Students will be writing their own lab reports in Writer's Workshop
  • Students are reading nonfiction books in research clubs.
  • Students are learning and exploring Motion in Science  
  • Studying about non profit organizations like Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity
  • Practicing strategies for multiplication
  • Reading myths and discussing the central message 
  • Math - Exploring the relationship between multiplication and division by developing a method for dividing whole numbers and solving division number stories.
  • Science - Seasonal Greek constellation and Solar System
  • Social Studies - Finishing the American Revolution and Exploring Early New Jersey as a state.
  • Reading - Close reading and notice and note strategies
  • Writing - Finishing informational writing 
  • In math, students are finishing up Unit 5 and will begin Unit 6.  In Unit 6, students will apply their understanding of place value to multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10.  They will also learn how line plots can be used to organize and analyze measurement data and explore a method of finding volumes of figures that are not rectangular prisms.  Students will also extend whole-number methods to multiply and divide decimals.
  • In science, students are working on building their terrariums and aquariums for the ecosystem unit.  Students are in the process of planting seeds and will begin introducing various organisms to both their terrariums and aquariums.
  • In health, students are continuing to spend time learning more about the changes that occur during puberty and adolescence.
      SOCIAL STUDIES - Students will study the American Revolution.  Students will compare and contrast the Patriots and Loyalists,
                                               and identify the major battles of the Revolution.
      READING  - Students will continue analyzing the historical fiction genre.  Students will interpret complex texts by studying the plot
                                                lines, symbolism and importance of the time period in their book club books and read aloud,  The Fighting
                                                Ground by Avi. 
      WRITING - Students will write informational essays on a cause or event of the American Revolution.  Students will learn to                                              compile research into an informative, well-structured information report.